Dream On – with Shiri and Paige : Paige Turner’s POV

This time, you get to experience the shemale sex from the VR POV of beautiful tranny Paige Turner. You are going be fucked by a shemale and have her sperm exploding on your tranny face at the climax!

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It was the most fantastic dream I’ve ever experienced. Paige Turner entered the room, began to fondle me, and we kissed. I was Shiri Allwood; I knew it even before I glanced in the mirror. I recognised my white body and pink breasts. I brushed my hands over myself.
I was living my best lesbian fantasy as I assisted Paige in taking off her clothes and she began sucking on my cock while staring up at me. Oh, hold for a second… I’m totally Paige now. Just the thought of Shiri (or is it just me?) sucking on my large cock makes my pierced nipples tingle with excitement.
By the way, I’m now Shiri fucking Paige. This dream must continue indefinitely.
An unusual scenario in which you may play either Shiri or Paige, or perhaps both roles at once. Exciting plot twists, genuine romance, and fresh viewpoints.

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