Double POV Trans Sex VR Experience!

Two beautiful young trans girls licking, sucking, and fucking each other with their throbbing cocks. And YOU can experience the POV of either one of them, as you please. This tranny VR sex experience is going to be special!

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It was a dream unlike any other. I was Shiri Allwood; I recognised my pink breasts and white body even before I glanced in the glass. I brushed my hands over myself, and Paige Turner entered, began to fondle me, and we kissed.
As I assisted Paige in taking off her clothes, I felt like I was living out my lesbian fantasies as she began sucking on my cock while staring up at me. Hang on a second… I’m Paige now. When Shiri (or is it just me?) sucks on my large cock, I can feel the intense pleasure building up in my pierced nipples.
Now I’m banging Paige like Shiri. I would like that this dream continue indefinitely.
This scenario is one of a kind; you get to play as Shiri, Paige, or both at once. Fantastic action, really genuine lovemaking, and a fresh viewpoint.

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